January 2, 2023

Before And After Viral Life (2023)

Hi there, we wish you a peaceful (!), healthy and lucky new year, without any crazy autocrats attacking foreign countries, without new virus variants, and without destabilization of our social systems when populists and far right groups try to erode democratic structures. And we wish us all that at last politicians take measures against the climate change and assert themselves against commercial pressure groups which only think of their economic profits than of the future and welfare of mankind.

„Before And After Viral Life“ is our new album. It is some sort of reminiscence of the actual pandemic which still is not yet finished. And it is an appreciation of the city where we are living, and of a remarkable woman who created fabulous buildings in this place.

Another good news: The Maier Project welcomed back the former members Peter and Willy Monk. We cordially thank Harold Miller and Carl van der Keulen for the great time with them!

And we have a new companion on piano and keyboards: Allessandro Lucchiarini.


July 8, 2022

About Elves, Dragons and Drunkards (2006-2021)

New songs are in preparation!

We expect the release of the album in spring 2023.

Released in August 2022, our compilation reflects fifteen years of the Project’s music, with the best of the old stuff and with some new songs. Now available in the stores.

November 17, 2021

About Elves, Dragons and Drunkards. 2006 - 2021

We are glad to announce a new release! The Maier Project (MP) exists 15 years from the start in 2006 up today. We look back to 9 full albums and an EP. Four of them have found their way to the stores. The last release had been a single in 2017.

Now we feeel it is the time for looking back and give those who do not yet know the MP, a smart overview over the development of our music, including excerpts from all albums and our most successful songs. This is completed by the 2017 single, and a handful of unreleased or new songs. The most recent songs have been created during the second year of the pandemic.

The album is called "About Elves, Dragons and Drunkards. 2006 - 2021" and will be available at the stores in early summer 2021.

Why this long pause of creativity? Well, a lot of things had happened in this time. In our message from September 2017, we had already written about our return from Germany to Austria. Our concentration had been focused on our new works, on the new school of our kids, and on the arrangement of our life in the old/new environment. In 2019, it had been a shock to us that my father died unexpectedly. And then came the Covid 19 pandemia which brought us a significant proportion of disarrangement in daily life, especially concerning the kids. So we had some major problems to deal with, and time passed away faster than expected.

In the last year, more time for other things opened up, including time for making music again. The compilation has been a spontaneous idea and was the beginning of further work. Much more new songs have been composed and wait for publication in the next months. So you can look forward to our next regular release of completely new compositions.

Until then, we hope you enjoy our anniversary release!

All the best to all of you, and rock on!

April 11, 2018

New Place for Rock and Roll

The first step to the new album: the single "New Place for Rock and Roll" has been released and is available at the stores!

September 11, 2017

Part Of It

Ok, we are deep in your dept. Long time ago we had posted our last newsletter. Ten months later, here is the new one. We apologize for this inhuman delay. But we had reasons. The most important event in the past was the decison to return to our hometown Innsbruck. Four years of living in Germany had lead to the insight that we belong to another country, to another way of living, to another culinary art, to another landscape, to another mentality. This sounds hard, but we emphasize that we have learned to know some wonderful people whom we had to leave back and whom we are looking forward to meet them again. But the differences between Germany and Austria are bigger than one might believe or some people might admit. Anyway, they exist and made my family feel unhappy. An unexpected job-related offer was the one and only opportunity to return home earlier than was planned. The decision to go away, the arrangements, the packing of our belongings, the search of a new home, the relocation, the move-in, the unpacking - and four months had passed.

Luckily, we had started to compose some new songs last autumn, and in the last weeks we continued the work on them. Now they are nearly finished.  Nine songs deal with our return and our hometown. The last song is dedicated to a close friend who had left us unexpectedly and much too early. Walter F was the father of our homepage, and over many years we had met to drink thousands of espresso macchiato together with a big glass of water. I miss him.

The new release will be called "Part Of It". We do what we can to present it to you until the end of the year.

October 21, 2016


A long time, again, has passed. Summer´s gone, unfortunately, it is dark when you get up, and it is dark again when you come home. This indeed is not very funny and inspiring, and I understand all those who get melancholic crisis in these days. Nevertheless, we have been a bit busy and look upon a sample of new songs. The instrumental skeletons are ready, have got their first adaptions, and the first lyrics are going to be created. More details can not be given in the moment, but we will work on it.

Our last session was completed by an old friend, Peter Monk joined us for two songs, and old times came alive again. This meeting was very interesting, watching how Peter and Harold played together and gave the songs a very harmonic guitar duo performance. Peter seems to miss making music...

What´s up next? Some more things, but please be patient, and as usual we demand very much from you all when you have to wait and wait...