Dragons (2010)

Dragons (2010)

Bound To A Kismet 4:13

(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Dear beloved woman

It is time to write to you this letter

I arrived safely

After hours in this narrow aeroplane


What turbulent city

The crowd too dense to feel better

I explore all boulevards

Go to squares, search tranquillity - in vain

So much strange impressions

Foreign flavours, lightening colours that meet my eye


I breath the wet air, my clothes wet of sweat

All meals too hot, enough reasons to say goodbye

But I am not lost, I met this friendly sailor

Who showed me all wrinkles to survive

I found my favourite restaurant

A house to live, a car to drive


I sit at my window

And watch the flashing neon light

Above the almond tree

My thoughts rotate around you

They condensate to try to make you real to me

The farther I flee the closer I get

I face up to this kismet that I am bound to since we met

This is my kismet since we met


Could Our Love Take Ages 5:14

(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Please do not mind if I disclose a secret

We do not live for fame and wealth

Nature is non-material

Could our love take ages


So let us talk about the coolest trends in music

Go to concerts of novel geniuses

And visit gigs of the revered old stars

Could our love take ages


We create our private planets

That orbit us on varying circuits

Vice versa we are part of foreign lives

And pilot our love through ages


We con our ship around sharp cliffs

We cope with storms and shallows

And navigate back to our haven

Could our love take ages

Distance 6:09

(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Charlie offered a chair

Filled the glass, sleeked his hair

We sat watching, no one talked

Watching, gazing, keeping waiting


I started wriggling on my chair

Felt rather weird watching him stare

Could not move my tongue to talk

So I stared back, watching, waiting


Here we are deaf and dumb

Our loss of speech leaves us numb

We fail to get near

It is hard to build a bridge to get in touch with you


Like solar systems with light years between them

We remain lonesome our whole life long

From birth to death

To death

Dragons 5:06

(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

In earlier times the old bards played

On their lutes and sang about a maiden

Raped and carried off to darkest caves

By a dragon wild and dangerous

Never defeated by a mortal´s sword


Centuries had passed there are modern bards

With electric guitars they sing about a hero

Who fought the beast and speared its heart

He rescued the lady and brought her back home

They endowed her to him as a wife for life


So hundreds of brave young men had died

Until the first one succeeded and became a star

But this is not the end, it is the century of dragons

The story starts anew to be sung by future bards


The Final Show 4:36

(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

We sat at the shore

The surf had stopped to roar

The sea was dark and flat

With a calmness we never had

No birds are passing by

We are left high and dry

No help in sight tonight

Against hell on earth no one here to fight


We had heard a pack of lies

Now all life drops like flies

The mass formed pasty clots

And sealed bodies destined for rot

Life dies on mother earth

Without chance to give new birth

Now future generations know

How their fathers started the final show

Friendly Giant 5:03

(Instrumental; music by Hans Maier)

Middle Ages 4:58

(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Rush Hour 3:34
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

I just go mad

But this ain´t that bad

I got already used to it

Among those zombies on the street


They all walk in trance

No one throws a glance

I kick the next guy´s ass

And yank that lady´s skirt - a mess


Take this chance

Join my dance

On our hands we move

Over heads and roofs

Thumb your nose

At this dullness overdose

Keep a clear head

Do not halt, move on instead

The Small Cafe 4:15
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

I remember the small cafe

Where we met

Where we sat

Where we held our hands

And we talked about future days

And argued over coffee and cake


I remember the questions in your eyes

Hear you talk about our love

I see that you had waited

Waited long enough for me

To show you my colours

And declare to stand by you.


I remember the small cafe

Where we met

Where we sat

Where we held our hands

And I knew that you were right

I was just about to do all wrong

And to lose you like sand between my hands


You left behind that gaping void

Deep in my heart

Near to fall apart

How I long for the moments

When we talked about future days

And argued over coffee and cake

Undead Live Without A Beating Heart 4:23
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

You stole my heart

Out of my chest

Take a white canvas

And limn this sanguinary painting for me


When you are in love

You give someone your heart

Your chest will be empty

Without the heart of your beloved


What an enigmatic part

Love makes out of our heart

We give it away, yet feel it throb

If we got the heart of the beloved


Lovers may be out of mind

But worse if your heart got lost

Without you are like the undead

Who lack a beating heart


Lucky who got the heart of the beloved

Only the undead live without a beating heart

Lucky who got the heart of the beloved

Hans Maier sang and played electric guitars, basses, piano, organ, synthesizer, drums and percussion, strings, Persian santoor and Turkish saz zither.
Recorded from September 2009 to July 2010.
All music composed by Hans Maier and The Maier Project.
Lyrics, design and photographs by Hans Maier.

Thanks to Sandra for her patience and criticism, thanks to Marie and Romy.

© 2010 by Hans Maier and THE MAIER PROJECT