Four (2007)

Four (2007)

1 Newcomer´s Tune 4:40
July 2007: Romy Helene is born after a five-hour-stay at the hospital. Luckily an uncomplicated birth, but nevertheless a struggle enough for a mother.

2 Salmonella Group D Attacks 8:31

In October, Marie brought home a peculiar souvenir from the kindergarten: an infection with one of the most ugly bacteria when little children and old people are affected. Half of the children fell ill, the kindergarten was closed by local health administration for some days. At home, little Romy caught the tiny intruders, and when she kept vomiting we sent her to hospital for intravenous nutrition. She checked out after five days when her symptoms had disappeared and she was able to drink by herself again as usual. Six months later on, repeated bacteriological tests showed that salmonella group d had disappeared from her intestines.
What a mess!

3 Learning to Walk 6:54

This is an instrumental description of the weeks from the first own step to safe walking. Between them you pass weeks of exercise with more or less unsteady steps that gain safety only slowly.

4 Four 5:26

First thought about as an overture to this CD, the title song stands for our little community as some kind of a hymn. We, at least we big ones, have the feeling when we four are together, without any other related or unrelated people around us, we do best. We hope, our children got the same feeling.

5 Sun of My Days, Moon of My Nights 4:26

Dedicated to Sandra.

6 To Other Shores 3:42

A song written in expectance of a possible change concerning the place of work.

7 To Mingle with the Crowd 5:06

Saturday morning, through busy streets to the shopping centre and back again. Sometimes you are driven together with other people like lemmings, on the way back you swim against the stream.

8 Sleeping with Hares 5:00

Little Marie had five little toy rabbits. For a while she did not want to go to sleep or to wake up without them. Meanwhile they are out of mode, and they passed over to Romy´s bed.

9 Evening 10:46

The evening is the finest time after a long day. The kids just gone to bed, a glass of red wine, the first talk with one another without being disturbed by the little monsters. Time to be near to the beloved, time to read a book, time to compose.

Thanks to Sandra, Marie and Romy.
Thanks to Apple Jam Packs and AMG loops for GarageBand.

Compositions, arrangements and design by The maier Project.