A Gallery Of Dreams (2008)


1st Dream - The Device 4:11

(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

I got the package some days before
The parcel service did not ring but gave it to the neighbours
A brown cube of cardboard
40 centimeters long and 30 centimeters high and deep
I took a sharp small knife and cut the tape
In there it lay, there it was finally arrived
Toughly shrink-wrapped in plastic
I had to go for my scissors to bring it to the air
I put it together
And set it on its feet
There it stands, a breathtaking beauty
Black with a metallic blue gleam
A proud slim wonder of design
I take the cable
I connect it
Never had this device before
And now it is ready
And now I am ready
This is the moment that I had waited for
This is the moment that had been announced
This is the moment that I had waited for
This is the moment that some people feared

2nd Dream - The Lottery Of Fate 3:57
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Late in the evening it rang at my door
Expecting no one I sneaked over the floor
To look through the spyhole and I saw nobody
So I kept quiet and stood listening
Then it knocked twice I heard it clearly
I was filled with fear, my heart jumped nearly
Though I opened curiously and had to look a while
Until I saw him, the dwarf with the satanic smile

Good you´re here he said and entered without asking
Had a black bag, opened it and released a nasty stench
Grabbed out of it ten tiny cubes and said
Time to renew the lottery of fate
Ten cubes I brought again, just choose them five
Each good enough to bring the unexpected
Grab for your luck, grab for misfortune
Your destiny is entirely up to you

I stared at the dwarf and broke out in a sweat
I never did such crazy thing and won´t ever begin with it
Pack all those strange cubes and put your bag away
Buzz off, leave my house, let me live in peace
Not so quickly said the dwarf, you can´t send me away
You have signed this contract for a century and a day
And he showed me the paper all words written with blood
This is your life! this is how your fate will be!

Now I got enough of this stupid guy
I draw my sword and skewered him like a fly
Tore the blue bag, the cubes just falling down
They cracked into pieces, their content flashed in flames
A wedding, a broken leg, a visit to Rome
A furious dog, a peaceful death, a fruit cake and a pleasure dome
A sudden bang opened my eyes, I sat wet of sweat in bed
The window open, the curtain flattering, the rain splashed on the floor

3rd Dream - Living In A Drawer 6:37
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

I lie on the floor
Of this tiny drawer
There is no place
To move and to have space
I press my head
Against it´s wooden wall instead
It aches north and south
And closely shuts my mouth
My tongue can´t form a word
My shouts for help remain unheard

I lie on the floor
Of this tiny drawer
There is no place
To move and to have space
I´m filed like on a shelf
Unable to be myself
How long this pain will last
I´m captured in my past
I cannot burst this frame
Life can be a crucial game

4th Dream - Once I Knew A Proud Young Beauty 4:17
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Met her first on the market
Beneath her all flowers seemed to fade
Heard her laughter, caught her glance
I lost my heart and lost my head

Once I knew a proud young beauty

We changed first words at the butcher´s
Told us our names in the bakery
Had the first date at Mario´s Pizza
I talked only nonsense without my head

Once I knew a proud young beauty

We spent our first night in my bedroom
And next week I moved in with her
Spent months of intense love and luck
Did not think anything without my head

Once I knew a proud young beauty

I meant our life like clams won´t change
Then she insisted on my thoughts and words
My tongue unable to form a sentence
It was too late when I found again my head

Once I knew a proud young beauty
Had already lost her when I lost my head

5th Dream - The Journey 9:11
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Show me your tickets, let me control your bags, he said
Please do not mind, but the country is somewhat lonesome ahead
Within the next hour we will start our journey
Into the forthcoming day

The moon stood pale above us and watched the passengers to meet
Some young guys had fun and used their cards to cheat
Blackbeard cleaned his finger nails with a long curved knife
The backpackers lit some cigarettes to keep their cold fingers alive

The driver turned up the headlights and slowly started the car
We seasawed over potholes and stones on a road devoid of tar
The bus moved over serpentines to the pass still far away
To head for the east, to head for the sun, to head for the day

We keep on heading for the east
We keep on heading for the sun
We keep on heading for the day

6th Dream - Don´t Stop 4:52
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Take me by my hand
To the evening breeze
Down the flowering meadow
To the hidden lake
Gently strip off my shoes
And bear me on your arms
To the crimson water lily
And bed me on its leaf

Palm over my silken clothes
And follow the landscape´s lines
Up from the plains to mountains
Rolling hills and knolls
Downhill again to bays and creeks
To the steep coast at the side
Go to chasms, kloofs and canyons
Cross the valleys and the rifts

Guide your lips from my temples
To my eyelids, to my brows
Search my cheek, explore my mouth
Send your skilled scouts to my flaps
Move in circles, draw curved figures
Paint signs and symbols on my skin
Lift me, bend me, grasp around me
Hold me tight, don´t let me go

Visit tenderly my neck
Go to uncover arms and shoulders
Go to the back, to my soft belly
Free my hips, my legs, my bottom
Cover all my skin with kisses
Treat all places with your hands
Let me feel my heat growing
And hear me plead: please don´t stop

Don´t stop, my lover
Don´t stop, my love
Don´t stop loving me, my lover
Don´t stop doing this to me

7th Dream - The Clock 3:44
(Music and words by Hans Maier)

8th Dream - The Supporters 4:46
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

We come by plane and by caravan
We fill up hotels and camping sites
We crowd the bars of foreign cities
Enjoy the beer, eat up all plates

Let them feel that we are present
Let them hear our powerful chants
Proclaim the glory of our team
To see appreciation and respect

We are ready to line up closely
The hour has come for our march
We build a giant sea of flags
The streets vibrate by our choir
We reach the stadium, take our seats
Unfold our banners, let fly our colours
Don´t stop our singing, don´t stop our shouts
Our thousands of throats will drown them out

After all these victories
We have qualified for this crucial game
We came so far with our team
To cheer them on, to see them win
We want this triumph, we want this cup
For our efforts a fair reward
O God help that our dream comes true
And we can celebrate our heroes all night long

9th Dream - Hurt 4:56
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

I gave to you a fragrant rose
In order that your heart came close
To mine
But you did not care
You just don´t want my love
To share

I offered you a chocolate casket
Gave sweetest cakes into a basket
For you
But you threw it all
With frank disgust
Straight at the wall

I wrote for you a poetry
And hoped your beating heart won´t be
Of stone
But you just laughed at me
And left me alone
With my grief

I found my heart torn into fractions,
Decided to take other actions
And went away
No more compliments
No more rhymes

The only thing I have learned from you
That life is the plane and on the bench
Was me
My feelings were the shavings
They left the modelled shape
Of my soul

Wounds become scars, memories fade
The heart gets prone to fall in love
Maybe an endless course
Unless the one you are waiting for
Will find YOU

10th Dream - The Birth Of Desire 2:22
(Music by Hans Maier)

11th Dream - Heaven´s Gate 4:15
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

I try to run
Over slippery stones
I strive to jump
Over slops and brooks
I try to climb
To the highest branch
I go faster, I do better
To reach out for heaven´s gate

I arrive
At a double wing door
Metallic grey
Like the blade of a knife
Reaching up
To the endless sky
And I am convinced
This must be heaven´s gate

There is no handle
To push the door open
There is no bell
To call for attention
It´s me I shout
And the door glides apart
I enter the light
And look through heaven´s gate

A choir of eunuchs
Is singing a capella
Acoustic guitars
Are strumming the same chord
I find no Fender
No Gibson Les Paul
I turn to electric hell
And leave behind me heaven´s gate

12th Dream - Dreaming In Colours 8:22
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

I dream of crabs
That creep out of labs
They dance on their pincers down the street
And pursue dogs to get their juicy meat
I dream of hares in uniforms
Hopping crisscross hunting ugly worms
They ask me for my silly hat
And laugh out loud calling me a rat
Tiny globules keep on falling from on high
My umbrella will serve me as a boat
To cross the spherics forming the sea
To reach far-away shores to be
We search the jungle for lions and apes
And live on berries and grapes
Alien creatures
With very strange features
Check out my heart
And fold me apart
My flesh forms two wings
What reminds me of two things
Flying on a jet plane round the planet
And angels painting colours in the sky
The sea
Fueling station
A bridge
Your face
Your arms
Your lips
And the colours explode

13th Dream - Sudden End 3:55
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

If I need help, there´s a friend
Who listens to what´s getting me down
And he stands by me
Supporting me by word and deed

If I need help there´s a friend
Assume that I am broke he gives me
Wallets filled up with gold
Sends couriers to pay my debts

If I need help there´s a friend
Guess I have a beloved who is promised to another
Who has found it out
My friend will fight all of my duels

If I need help there´s a friend
He would bribe the guards to close
Their eyes and open all doors
He´d get me out of the dungeon´s dark

Come to me, my protector
Give me advice, my mentor
To get strength and skill
Let me take revenge
On all who destroyed my life
All evil men who tantalized me
All who put me to the torture
Let me destroy their social network
And let me make them broil in hell

If I need help, there´s a friend
Who listens to what´s getting me down
And he stands by me
Supporting me by word and deed

If I need help there´s a friend
He will risk his life and fight on my side
With our backs to the sheer
Until we fall and fall and fall out of the dream

14th Dream - When Children Dream 2:22
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

We board a telescope to watch strange creatures on the moon
We use a Persian carpet to play tags with the elves
We have a picnic with gnomes
And avoid witches and ghosts

In this parallel universe I love to remain
I explore all mysteries and wonders that I see
I take fright at weird places
Where I need your arms to be

Don´t forsake me in my fancies
Draw me back to the earth
And guide me out of sleep
Be the haven for me

15th Dream - Naked 2:47
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

Your eyes keep me watching
You follow my movements
You check out my mood, my words and my thoughts
So I can´t hide me
No magic hat could beam me away

To be authentic there is not much choice for me
All that I can do is to be just like I am
No mirror image of mine could pretend it´s me

And if I was the world´s best actor
With perfect costumes, richest make-up
I always were aware that I stand naked
In front of you

16th Dream - A Tireless Animal With Some White Stripes 5:00
(Music and lyrics by Hans Maier)

I take this creature of my dream
And lock it with all others in a cage
They´re hidden deeply in my soul
I hope no one will ever set them free

Hans Maier played on computer grand piano, hammond organ, synthesizers, electric guitars, electric basses, marimba, strings, drums, percussion and choir.

Recorded from September to November 2008.
All music composed by Hans Maier and The Maier Project.
Lyrics, design and photographs by Hans Maier.

Thanks to Sandra, Marie and Romy.
Thanks to Walter, Fabian and to all who gave encouraging feedback and support.