DRAGONS (2010)

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About Elves, Dragons and Drunkards. 2006 - 2021(2021)

Release: August 2021

Fifteen years had passed, and we thought it was the right time to present a collection of characteristic, popular and some unknown songs, combined with five new songs as a vanguard of a future new release. This happens at a time when the Maier Project returns  nearly to its original cast: Willy returned, after Harry and Carl had left for reasons of their own. So the keyboards have a new master: Alessandro Lucchiarini completes the band, a virtuoso with the keys, and a fine fellow.

1 Elven Bread (2006, remastered 2021)
2 Sun
Of My Days, Moon Of My Nights (2007
, remastered 2021)
3 The
Clock (2008
, remastered 2021)
When Children Dream (2008
, remastered 2021)
Dreaming In Colours (2008
, remastered 2021)
6 Dragons (2010
, remastered 2021)
7 The Small
Cafe (2010
, remastered 2021)
Crimson Secret (2011
, remastered 2021)
9 Not The Devil (2011
, remastered 2021)
Passing Through (2013
, remastered 2021)
11 Charlie (2015)
12 Paint
Them Pink (2015)
13 Train (2015)
14 New Place
For Rock´n´Roll (2018)
15 A Waltz
For Walter (2018)
We Are Part Of It (2019/2021)
17 Sunrise At The Serles (2019)
18 The
Drunkard Disaster And Other Weird Stories (2021)
Testing (2021)

TOTAL TIME: 1h 32 min

Paris (2015)

Release: June 2015

Our 2015 release was planned with another title and with a panel of love songs, songs about our daily life and some instrumentals. We changed this concept after the incidents at Charlie Hebdo and added several songs with relation to actual political events and to economical and ecological problems in the world.
Harold Miller and Carl van der Keulen made a great work, and their play on guitar and piano gave our music some new impulse. So we created seventeen, yes seventeen new songs which - as we hope - will be for your pleasure.

1 Train   4:06
2 Charlie   2:50
3 Happy Days   4:35
4 Watch The Dead Walking   4:35
5 Paint Them Pink   3:55
6 My Heavy Wooden Door   5:40
7 Poison Over Endless Fields   3:55
8 Contrasts   3:19
9 Town Of Mints   4:14
10 Favorite Place   2:47
11 Somnolent Eyes   3:17
12 Narcissists   3:56
13 Look At The Mess   6:28
14 Love Song   2:37
15 Valse   3:56
16 Paris 2015   3:23
17 My Inward Eye   6:41

Total Time: 70:10

Crossroads (2013)

Release: May 2013

"Crossroads" unites songs of very different origin. Most of them mirror events of the last few months which had great impact on our life including a change of our current jobs and the move to another town. Some songs are some sort of balancing accounts with someone, but they have more therapeutical function for me. On the other hand, some pieces arose from
my musical journey to so-called folk metal, as I had described in an earlier newsletter. And two older songs, which I had composed in the era "before we went to iTunes", are re-sung and/or replayed and remastered. So eleven fine songs are pooled here which once more will divide the opinions: no easy stuff, more for listening than as company of ironing (so to speak), some heavier than others. Whilst "States of Aggregation" was a step towards easier listening, "Crossroads" is the Maier Project in a purer and harder presentation.

1 Crossroads
2 Cuckoo in Our Nest
3 Gate of Heaven

4 Gathering
5 Once I Knew A Proud Young Beauty

6 Passing Through
7 Short Electric Raga
8 Take Your Feet And Run
9 The Voodoo Thing

10 Zero Regrets

Total time:  47:08

States Of Aggregation (2011)

Release: January 2012

"States Of Aggregation" was very much fun to compose, to play, to sing and to arrange. Ten new songs have been created after a long period of intense work to make them as perfect as possible. This album has much more to do with our personal things than "Dragons" or "Gallery Of Dreams", similar to our early instrumental pieces.

1 Silver Screen
2 Not The Devil
3 In A Hurry
4 Sleeping With Hares
5 Stronghold
6 Equilibrium
7 Sometimes You Are
8 Crimson Secret
9 Gender Stereotypes
10 Unhealthy Addiction

Total time: 51:07

Dragons (2010)


Release: July 2010

For this release much more time was necessary to prepare the songs, to arrange them properly and to mix the instruments. In the beginning we were very unhappy with the preliminary versions of the songs, but the struggle was worth to be done. The result makes us proud. This album is the best we did up to now, and we got the feeling that we are on the right way: to make that kind of music that we always wanted to listen to when we were young.

1 Bound To A Kismet
2 Could Our Love Take Ages?
3 Distance
4 Dragons
5 The Final Show
6 Friendly Giant
7 Middle Ages
8 My One And Only Queen
9 Rush Hour
10 The Small Cafe
11 Undead Live Without A Beating Heart

Total time: 52:16

A Gallery Of Dreams (2008)

Release: December 2008

This album was a challenge. It was our first one with lyrics and voice. The character of our songs changed, but we were sure to have made the right decision. "A Gallery Of Dreams" is a compilation of songs about good and bad dreams, and about persons or things that you long for or that you have lost.

1st Dream - The Device
2nd Dream - The Lottery Of Fate

3rd Dream - Living In A Drawer
4th Dream - Once I Knew A Proud Young Beauty
5th Dream - The Journey
6th Dream - Don't Stop
7th Dream - The Clock
8th Dream - The Supporters
9th Dream - Hurt
10th Dream - The Birth of Desire
11th Dream - Heaven´s Gate
12th Dream - Dreaming in Colours
13th Dream - Sudden End
14th Dream - When Children Dream
15th Dream - Naked
16th Dream - A Tireless Animal With Some White Stripes

Total time: 75:34

The early instrumentals

These albums are the mirror of our way to our present music.

The Queen Goes For A Walk Incognito (EP 2008)

Release: July 2008

When working for the next full album planned to be released in autumn 2008, nineteen songs were composed with a total length of one hour and twenty minutes. After selection of the titles for the new CD, three songs remained that were put together to this short album. The EP will not appear as CD, but the songs are free for download from the usual site.

After Life Came To Town
Morning Meadow
The Queen Goes For A Walk Incognito

Total time: 15:03

Sweetest Fruit (2007)

Release: December 2007

With the third package of instrumental songs The Maier Project goes some steps further in the development of their special style. Still of course not the work of full time professionals, Fruit contains more complexity, more intensity, better arrangements of the instrumentation, and some fine new melodies.


Sweetest Fruit
All The Other People's Nasty Babies
Friends' Wedding
No Calm
Perpetuum mobile
Cool Staircase In A Hot Summer
Things One Can't Get
Train Of Life
First Birthday

Total time: 76:53

Four (2007)

Release: January 2007

FOUR is the second collection of instrumental songs by The Maier Project.
Again, every song is an autobiographic view on the months that have passed since the last songs collected on the first CD. They are the musical mirror of feelings and adventures within a community that since July ´06 comprises one little human being more than before. So there are four of us living together. The future is ours, and the future belongs to our children. We want to help them to get on with it.

Salmonella Group D Attacks

Learning To Walk
Sun Of My Days, Moon Of My Nights
To Other Shores
To Mingle With The Crowd
Sleeping With Hares

Total time: 54:30

My Life In An Elven World (2006)

Release: September 2006

This is a collection of instrumental songs that have been among the first songs we had composed. The songs here are not perfect and would need some further work. The results here are not at all the fruit of virtuosity, they simply are the fruit of fun, and that is the important thing. Maybe somewhen in the future, we will do that job and release the album completely remixed and rearranged.


Bow And Arrow
Elven Bread
Romy's Upper Percentile
Heart And Skin
Finding One's Place

Total time: 60:25